Connie – November 24, 2019 I recently visited the Perfect Pets store for the first time. The staff were very busy tending to the puppies needs. I appreciated the cleanliness and liveliness of the store. Jens was particularly helpful finding the supportive care medicines that would assist my aging doggie.

RCC – March 25, 2012 I had a wonderful experience at this store, however it was some time ago. I purchased a female Cairn Terrier puppy on 2/10/96 and we recently lost her on 2/27/12. I recall dealing with a very kind an knowledgable associate named Jennifer, who greeted us and chatted every time we came into the store. We moved to Atlanta, GA in 2002, but if we still lived in Littleton, we would look to this store to purchase another dog because she was obviously healthy and came from strong ancestry if she lived almost 17 years. I know her breeder was in Iowa and would love to find out if the same breeder is still operating.

Lydia S. – February 8, 2012 Meet Miss Molly She’s one years old now. A Maltese-Shih-Tzu that we got from you guys as a baby. 🙂 She’s incredible! Reminds us of Lady from Lady and the Tramp. She’s the most loving, sweetest, playful, healthy little girl! She’s the best teddy bear ever & loves to play with stuffed animals. She’s been such a blessing to me & my husband. Keep up the good work!

Jenn A. – January 12, 2012 This man has a passion for all of the animals he comes in contact with and that doesn’t stop once you have purchased one of them. Here is my story, my family has bought two puppies from this store! Our last puppy had a cherry eye and if you know anything about dogs it is common and you cannot prevent them. We went to the vet and they asked where we got our puppy from when we told him Jenz (the owner of Perfect Pet) he just went on and on about how great Jenz was and that he bought dogs from him too. The vet explained that cherry eye is common and that there is nothing you can do to prevent them but if we wanted to call Jenz to see if he would help us pay of it we could and our puppy was throwing up and we were going to do xrays to see why. I called Jenz and he answered right away and he without hesitation said he would take care of it he then called our vet and talked with him. After the xray we learned that our puppy had ate a few items he shouldn’t have, like a hair clip and toys. I called Jenz to let him know we would be paying for the xray! Much to my surprise he said that he already talked to the vet and asked them to discount the xrays for us! My family will only buy from Jenz!

Doug – November 12, 2011 About 3 weeks ago my granddaughter went to Perfect Pets seeking a dog to replace her Jack Russell Terrier which we sadly lost. The store employees were very patient, helpful and knowledgeable in assisting her decision. This was very important to us, since we wanted a dog which would be different from any previous pet. This also meant that we didn’t have a clue which dog to choose. The Perfect Pets employees considered all our unique requirements, (such as: good with small children) and pointed out good alternatives; all the while giving us free reign to make our choice. They were patient while we made several trips to the store to look and talk and then go home and think, and they never tried to push or steer us toward a more expensive or less desirable (to us) dog. The store employees tremendous knowledge about every pet in the store makes Perfect Pets the absolute “go to” store. Thanks again. Doug

Jaalba – September 23, 2011 Ive done a lot of business with perfect pets over the years, having bought 4 yorkies from them, each one has been awesome with no health problems and the owner and sales people are very good about information and letting you know right on the contract where and when the puppies are born, so you could rest-assure that these very cute puppies are no where near being from a puppy mill 🙂 , they do give you a free first time vet check when you take the puppies home which gives you more peace of mind. Great place Im very pleased with the little guys and would Defiantly refer them.

Brooklyn – September 8, 2011 I bought an adorable puppy from here and the employees and owner were very helpful. My puppy is healthy, even a few of my friends bought their pets from here with no problems. The owner was very nice, What a relief to know there is a place that cares about the animals.

Wendy F. – July 29, 2011 I bought my dog at Perfect Pets in southwest plaza about 2 years ago after the owner knew I was looking for a puppy-dog and he called me a couple months later to tell me the perfect dog for my family had arrived. I went to the store and he was right! Our “Princess Fiona” is the perfect dog! She is a part of our family. We love this dog so much and feel that Perfect Pets matched this dog to my family perfectly. She has always been, and is in perfect health. I don’t believe ANY of the bad reviews I have read whatsoever! My experience with Perfect Pets, its staff, and its owner was fabulous! This store was/is clean, the staff was/is friendly, informational and professional. All the animals are loved and cared for greatly. I told the owner recently that I’m wanting to get a 2nd dog. I wouldn’t dream of getting my new puppy from any other place other than Perfect Pets. If I could rate Perfect Pets at 10 stars, I would!!!! I am very happy with Perfect Pets!!!!

Christina – January 25, 2011 We bought a selkirk rex kitten here a couple years ago. He developed a respiratory infection shortly after, but the owner was very good about paying the vet bill. No problems since then. He is THE best cat ever–even my husband (total dog person) loves this cat. My sister recently bought a labradoodle puppy, and he is a great dog, no health problems at all. I would definitely buy from them again.

Ann – July 25, 2010 On 7/20/10 I bought a male miniature pinscher at Perfect Pets. He is in good health. Jens the owner and his staff take great care of the dogs. This pet store is the best in town. I will definitely buy another dog from that store. I would highly recommend this pet store. Thank you Jens for everything.

Anonymous – January, 2010 I have bought a kitten from them as well as quite a few fish. My kitten is PERFECTLY healthy and full of life. She is the friendliest cat I have ever met, she gets along with all other animals and is so cuddly. My fish have been living for over 3 years, which is the max for bettas. My other bettas have died and have gotten more which have died before the ones from this store have. The bird in the store has been living for YEARS and is such a sweetie. I have recently purchased a puppy from them and I couldn’t be happier with her. I have NEVER had a problem and the people there are VERY FRIENDLY and VERY KNOWLEDGABLE. My puppy had some stress issues coming into the pet store and they took care of quickly and safely and now she is perfectly healthy. I got a puppy from them about 4 years, I ended up giving her to my mother after our 17 year old Black Lab was put down, and she is alive and well and has always been healthy. Everyone who buys from a pet store at malls and such should KNOW that they are not as well kept up as most places and that they do not come from well breeders. So don’t get mad at them for it, they give a health warranty and such because they know it is not safe to keep that many dogs at once. But this pet store is so nice, the people there are nice, and they helped me with my new puppy and now we have GREAT pets. Think optimistically… if these pet stores didn’t take those puppies away from the unlawful mills, they would die from horrific things. It is unfortunate that some of your animals were sick, but that is most likely from the puppy mills, NOT from the store. I am TOTALLY against puppy mills, so don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t the STORES fault. They do what they can.

Michael – August 22, 2009 Great Store, Great Owner, Great Animals This is by far the best pet store I have ever been to. All the animals that I saw were healthy, happy and very well cared for. The owner, Jens (Yence) Larsen is the first honest businessman that I’ve ever met. It is obvious that he and all the rest of the staff truly care about the animals as well as the customers. My wife and I have bought a beautiful Shiba Inu as well as a perfect little Chihuahua pup from Jens. I highly recommend this store for any kind of pet or pet supply needs. -M.H.